Manifesting Vibrant Health & Old School Fitness Tricks

As somebody interested in a holistic approach to personal development, I feel it is very important to pay attention to all aspects of one’s being, including: the physical, the mental, the emotional, and the spiritual.

So many people get so obsessed with manifesting wealth and improving their standard of living that they totally neglect their physical bodies, which is so ridiculous. After all, if you aren’t healthy, you won’t have the energy to enjoy your money, or your freedom, or your relationships!

I think that one of the biggest reasons that so many people neglect their physical health is because they are lazy. Yep, I said it! However, once you get started on your personal development path, you should be feeling more and more optimistic, empowered and energetic. And, physical fitness is a great place to direct some of this new found energy. Trust me, the benefits will be well worth it. Plus, as you lose weight and improve your cardiovascular health you will feel even more energized and you can channel that energy back to whatever else you prefer to focus on.

I’ve found that the trick is to work out regularly, but not to overdo it with long boring workouts or a ton of cardio. In the Old School New Body review video above you can learn about a new system based on old school fitness tricks, which many folks over 35 are using to look and feel young and vital.

The idea is to use compound of “multi-joint” exercises like the squat, deadlift and bench press to burn maximum calories and properly train your muscles without putting undo stress on your joints, central nervous system and other systems of the body. There is of course a lot more to this fitness system, but that is the basic idea. Watch the video above for details.

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