Can Probiotics Improve Mental Clarity, Weight Loss & Energy Levels?

healthy manIf you’ve been staying up to date on natural health topics then you have likely heard about the many potential benefits of taking probiotics. According to proponents probiotics can help with everything from healing the gut and improving digestive ailments to reducing brain fog and helping people feel more energetic, less stressed and so forth.

If all of these claims are true – then who wouldn’t want to add a quality probiotic supplement to their diet??

But that’s not all, many researchers are now adding weight loss, including very substantial weight loss to the list of benefits that one can receive from probiotic supplementation. Considering that weight-loss is a multi-billion dollar industry it makes

What Science Says About The Real Benefits Of Probiotics

Probiotic foods have been consumed for thousands of years and are simply still enjoyed by billions of people around the world. However, probiotic supplementation is a much newer phenomenon, and as such it is only natural that many are skeptical as to there true benefits. This being said, there have been many recent studies that have indicated that some probiotics could be a practical choice for helping with a number of health and wellness issues including weight loss.

Probiotics initially became well known for their ability to improve gut health, but what many people didn’t realize is that a healthy gut plays a massive role in the health of your body’s other systems.

The great thing about this is that you could start taking probiotics for something like weight reduction, and then as a side-effect you may notice that health problems such as colds will start to decrease, because your guts health has such a big effect on the function of the immune system. Therefore, even when you mainly consume probiotics for weight reduction, it it can potentially benefit your wellbeing in countless additional ways.

Choosing The Right Probiotic

The idea behind probiotic supplementation is that probiotics can help strengthen the human body’s natural defenses while supplying a normal supply of friendly bacteria. However, in order for them to work properly the probiotic bacterial strains need to be alive so that they can multiply and populate your guy effectively. Therefore it’s important to be sure that you aren’t swallowing dead probiotics.

Some brands such as the increasingly popular FloraSpring probiotic are designed using strains that have been shown in clinical studies to support healthy fat loss, and are tested by third party labs to ensure that the probiotic strains they contain are alive and well.

As this FloraSpring review points out, it’s produced in FDA registered, GMP certified labs, and doesn’t contain ingredients from China or other sketchy or fad ingredients, which are definitely things to look out for when selecting a probiotic supplement.

The Top Uses For Probiotics

As stated above many experts are now saying that probiotics are among the best solutions for healing your gut, as well and assisting you to get rid of weight faster, and supplying you with a nutritious supply of gut flora daily!

Probiotics For Fat Loss

Apparently probiotics are able to help your body store less fat and burn the fat you have more efficiently, which can significantly help you in your weight-loss goals. While the way that this works is pretty complex – essentially what happens is that probiotics seem to be able to help with eliminating the undesirable bacteria in the gut that cause fat storage. Other probiotics stimulate hormones that could help you feel full quickly or accelerate the metabolism.

Probiotics also promote overall well-being, which again never hurts in regards to weight loss.

Probiotics For Overall Wellbeing

It is very important for general health and immune function that we have the right kind of bacteria in our guts.

Antibiotics destroy bacteria, obviously, and most people have been prescribed them at least once. So as an aside the next time you’re prescribed antibiotics, you may want to consider asking your physician if you ought to take probiotics to safeguard your stomach.

Probiotics For Mental Clarity

Research out of Harvard shows that our guts and brains are interconnected, forming a partnership referred to as the “gut-brain axis”. Apparently this axis functions by way of biochemical signaling between the enteric nervous system (the nervous system in the digestive tract), and the central nervous system (which of course includes the brain). This research seems to back up claims that improving gut function with the use of antibiotics can theoretically improve mood and cognitive function.

Other Alternatives To Probiotics

Despite their benefits, a lot of people refrain from buying probiotics due to their cost. This is unfortunate, but luckily there are alternatives. While probiotic supplements are critical for good gut health, they are also available in fermented foods like sauerkraut, kimchi, kefir and a variety of other affordable options! Ideally you should try to eat a wide selection of fermented foods to make sure you’re getting all the various strains your body requires for optimal health.

Additionally, eating a diverse diet full of high-fiber foods is another good option for long-term weight reduction, and you may also want to start or continue exercising, following an approved exercise plan as this is a great way to improve your health for free.

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